AdCab – innovative outdoor advertising.

  • AdCab – wideformat advertising trailers specially constructed for optimum perception of Your advertising, filled with numerous innovations which will help during campaign.
  • The trailers move by new cars Peugeot Partner, which in same time serve as an additional place for Your advertising. Now a trailer and car can have identical style and colour gamut, that creates integrity of Your advertising.
  • In dark time every detail of your advertising will be illuminated from beneath the outward and internal. It is now possible to be untroubled, that your advertising will not be noticed
  • If you have the sound-track or favourite song, we with pleasure make sound accompaniment for Your advertising.
  • To obtain the great purpose, we will develop the optimum route of conducting publicity campaign for bringing in more suitable audience. And you will be able to look after Your campaign in real time through the on-line system of the satellite positioning of GPS.
  • We suggest to conduct campaigns of publicities on territory of all Latvia.
  • There is possibility to lease trailers without cars, to place them at the sides of a road, on grounds or stands.

And also possibly:

  • Create the unique construction of any complication which will repeat the contour of your product or will be used for bringing in attention.
  • Add a separate detail to the trailer and car, let it be flags, additional lights, marbles or even light boxes.

Any Your idea can be brought to reality!